Home Network Installation London

Home Solutions, London offers a bespoke service to home owners looking to set up their home network connections. As a leading home network specialist company, we understand how important it is for people to be connected 24/7 from their own home. With the latest advancements in networking technology in mind, we can help you to set up an advanced, future-proof network in your home. This can include connecting computers, TV’s, smart speakers like Alexa, Google home or Sonos entertainment equipment. Also security devices such as your home CCTV, video doorbell, and alarm system.

We can cover both networking options – hard-wired and wireless, so you can have the best of both worlds. With a very reliable and stable hard-wired system installed at home, you get exceptional service where you need good performance. Having a hard-wired cabled network is a very secure way of transferring data at speeds that can often be over a hundred times faster than even the most cutting-edge wireless networking systems. This can be a wise choice, especially if you work from home and need to depend on a system capable of quickly transferring large amounts of data.

Home Network Installation London

The Advantages of a Hard-Wired Network:

There have been far more advancements in hard-wired and wireless networking technology over recent years to keep up with the demands of IoT (internet of things) devices and the ever increasing TV streaming services available. However, hard-wiring can be more difficult to configure for the home owner, especially when there is a need to drill through walls to install network drops. This is where Home Solutions can help.

There is a great advantage to having a hard-wired network installed in a modern-day home, simply because this system gives you flexibility of deploying WiFi access points to “dead spots” around the home and works at speeds that are much faster than power line adapters and wireless repeaters. Hard-wiring your network gives you an advantage of faster data transfer, resulting in sharper displays and a smooth, consistent standardised service. In most households there is a need for both hard-wired and wireless networking, and it seems the two can work together hand in hand to provide you and your family with all of your networking and connectivity needs.

Experienced Personal Service:

If you are at all worried about setting up a working home networking system, then Home Solutions can make it really easy for you. We can take the hard work and worry out of the job and you can be rest assured that your set-up will be put into the safest of hands.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your home networking requirements. We can work out what you need and explain how everything works so you can understand what to expect and how long it will take to install your home networking system. We can then book a convenient time to visit your home to install a new network, replace an old one, or repair and improve a faulty system.