Home Security System

A lot of home owners are turning to digital security solutions to help them protect their home and property from the threat of break-ins and theft. There are a great range of discreet security solutions, such as doorbell cameras, CCTV, motion sensor security lighting and burglar alarms that you can choose from. Many choose to go with a combination of options to give them the best coverage such as combining wireless cameras with motion sensor lighting so that camera shoots live footage when a motion sensor is triggered by unusual movement around your property.

It used to be that for home burglar alarms for example, you needed to have them connected to an analogue phone line for them to function properly. These days you can connect modern alarm systems and other home security solution to your your home network, thus providing remote monitoring of your home security when you plan be away from home.

If you have an older alarm system installed, you may run into trouble where your DSL line interferes with your analogue connection preventing your alarm from alerting the emergency services. There is a way of getting around this without having to replace your alarm system by installing a DSL line filter to prevent any interference from happening. This will ensure that your alarm system will continue to work properly.

Modern alarm monitoring services will offer security monitoring over a broadband connection, so this means you don’t need an extra landline just for your alarm and you can hook up your alarm system to your home network.

This means that you can be relaxing and enjoying a programme on Sky TV, listening to your favourite sound track on your music system, playing games with your family on your X-box, streaming the latest hot TV series through Netflix, but then be instantly be alerted of a potential security issue somewhere around your property through your fully connected home system. So no matter where you are in your house, you can get a voice/audio / data/image-signal distributed around your home instantly and all this can be done using the fewest cables possible. So no ugly wires on display running around your walls.

You can choose between a wired or wireless home network set up, but if you plan to have a wired system installed you may want to have this done at a time when you are planning to redecorate, having some building work done or when you are doing renovations to your home. This will save you time and money and you can then have everything coordinated and a control panel put in that looks neat and unobtrusive.

This is where Home Solutions can help you. Home networking can be complicated if you are not confident about how everything fits together or how you get all your digital equipment to talk to each other. We can help you get to grips with everything. There is no need for you to struggle with trying to do this by yourself.

Having a fully connected home is of great importance, especially for new-build houses where property developers are having to ensure that new homes are built with the right cabling infrastructure in place before completion because that is what new home-buyers are asking for.

Why not give Chris a call today to discuss your home networking installation needs or to sort out any networking issues you may be experiencing.