Network Set-up Service

These days it seems as if you merely have to blink and there is another ‘must-have’ gadget appearing  on the market that you can buy and hook-up to your home network. Most of these new innovations can either connect to the internet directly, or connect and sync with other digital equipment in your home.

The more devices that you have in your home that will need either an Internet or a Local Area Connection (LAN) will mean that even more pressure is being put on your home network and another layer of complexity is added to your configurations.

It is no wonder that a lot of home owners start to  become overwhelmed with the increasing needs for their new gadgets to have a unique IP address, Port number and a Router configuration. Then you discover that you don’t have a spare network point free or one that is conveniently placed for your new device. Not forgetting of course that Wifi black spot in your son’s bedroom where your signal never quite reaches!

The list of devices, gadgets and digital equipment that needs to be connected seems to grow every day. There is your Smart TV, Blu Ray DVD player, Sky TV box with on demand streaming services, Amazon Prime TV stick, Now TV box, hi-fi music player that is connected to your iTunes music library, multi-room system with your film library stored on the cloud, not to mention your kids gaming devices – all hooked up to your broadband for their online multiplayer games.

Your Home Network Set-up

Your Home Network set-up is great when it is all working well. However, when it isn’t functioning as well as it should, what do you do? Do you find that your Wifi signal strength seems to waver and struggle to stream films without buffering? Or what if you are having problems connecting to your iTunes server, or you really want to extend the reach of your signal so you can escape the hustle and bustle of home life to watch the World Cup in peace, tucked away in your conservatory, but your signal doesn’t reach.

Having many years of working knowledge in home networking, Home Solutions is here to help! We can assist you with your home networking issues, such as troubleshooting your system, reconfiguring your network and establishing the reach of your Wifi signal. We can then work out a cost-effective solution for you and carry out the necessary changes to give your home the full coverage that you need. We can install extra Wifi access points and cabling needed, fit Wifi extenders and boost the all-round performance and effectiveness of your home network.

You will be able to watch your favourite shows and listen to your playlists in any room within your house with great ease – and with no more annoying buffering!

Home Solutions offers a personal service without all the added extras that comes with a national service. Our family run business can easily meet all of your audio-visual needs at a very cost-effective price. Our swift service is performed by a fully qualified engineer, so you can have great peace of mind that your home network installation job is in safe hands.

If you would like to find out more about our home networking services, or you have an issue with your system set-up that you cannot figure out and need help with, we are here for you. Simply give Chris a call today, or contact us through our website and we will respond to your request swiftly.