Wireless & Home Computer Networking

For the homeowner, there are many benefits for having your computer network set up. You can more easily share files between devices over a shared internet connection. There is a lot more flexibility on offer from home wifi networking rather than hard wired options. Lets take a look at some of the main benefits of having a home wireless networking installation done.

Home Network File Sharing

Home networkThere can be nothing more annoying than having to save files on a stick drive when you want to transfer them to another computer or device. With network file sharing between your devices, you can share music files, videos, photographs and document, making it easy and convenient to work on important files across different devices. You can save copies of your files across all your different computers, so if your main PC or laptop should break down or stop working, you know your precious files will not be lost.

Did you know that backup copies of important files and documents are one of the most crucial tasks that people often forget to do. With home networking, you will be able to easily backup copies of important files as well as other things such as precious video clips of your special family occasions, such as weddings and Christenings, or for keeping treasured footage of a loved one that is no longer with you.

Internet Connection Sharing

With the advancements of high-speed broadband over recent years, using a shared internet connection is no longer a problem. Your family members can more easily access the internet at the same time to browse, stream or download files without having to fork out extra cash to pay for multiple accounts or putting an extra drain on your download speed. Many broadband service providers can accommodate a high usage load with very little slowing of speed or risk of interruption. Having a shared connection can be very convenient, especially at times of multiple needs from family members.

Shared Printing

Not that long ago if you wanted to print off a document, file or photograph, you needed a hard-wired dedicated printer attached to a single PC or computer. Not so with wifi enabled networking. Once you have your home network set up, you can have your devices connected to share a single printer. This is such a great time-saver, especially if you have a home office and work from home. No more having to run from laptop to PC just to print off an important email message or letter!

Other peripheral devices can be hooked up to your home network too, such as scanners, web cams and security cameras.

Home Entertainment

The home telephone and entertainment systems we love can also be integrated into your home network. Many popular computer game platforms support either LAN (local) or online (Internet connected) modes where family can play together with their computers networked. You can answer and make phone calls over your home network across the internet through Voice over IP (VoIP) services to save you lots of money, and even modern digital video recorders (DVRs) and video game consoles also support wired or wireless home networking.

This means that your family can easily enjoy online Internet gaming, video sharing and other entertainments.