Installing a reliable and fast home network can be tricky when using “off the shelf” solutions – most of them usually never work, and when they do, it will be at hugely decreased speed of what you get directly from your router.

Powerline type devices are often slow, have low WiFi range and seem to have a shelf life of around a year or so before going on the fritz.

Mesh devices only work when placed in specific range of one another, and rely upon being plugged in to the mains at each location which is typically untidy looking and sometimes mains power is not available in the position needed for optimal performance.

We can survey your home and conduct a wired and wireless survey to see where the best placement for wireless access points are in order to give a lightning fast connection to devices and also see what needs to be hard-wired (typically mission critical equipment like computers, printers and streaming devices).

The WiFi access points we install are far beyond what your ISP routers are capable of and most of the times poor WiFi connections around the home can simply be cured by turning off the ISP’s wireless settings and installing a decent WiFi access point in the same location instead. The wireless access points we supply have superior internal antennas which can send and receive data from devices via multiple antennas, along with smarter processors for handling multiple devices at once. Also, they can be remotely powered, which gives a much more flexible way of deploying them around the home without the need for mains sockets to be nearby to power them – giving blanket coverage around the home.


Your ISP supplied router is made on a tight budget and in some cases, the design brief of the equipment is to make it fit through your letterbox and nothing much else.


If you are experiencing poor home ethernet or WiFi network performance, drop us a mail or give us a call to arrange an installation or consultation.