Home Networking

Home Networking LondonYour home network means a group of digital devices, such as home computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles, printers and other devices that can connect to the internet and to each other. Home networking is a way of connecting up all your devices so that you can easily share an internet connection and share files, documents, photographs and videos across all of your devices.

There are two ways to install a home network system, either through a wired network that connects up devices such as printers, scanners and game consoles via cables. A wireless network is one which connects all your devices that are wifi enabled and don’t require a cabled connection, such as mobile devices like tablets, laptops, hand-held game consoles and smartphones.

A wired network can make sense when you are connecting up heavy or bulky devices that you are not likely to want to carry around with you, such as a printer or scanner, but having a wireless home network does give you an element of freedom that a wired network doesn’t.

Mobile devices

These days most families will have a range of tablets, notebook computers and other very portable devices at their disposal. The price of these gadgets has dropped considerably over the years making them much more affordable to buy as gifts or to use as tools for work.

Mobile devices can mean that you are no longer tied to a desk with a hard-wired networking system that was the only option a few years ago. You can pretty much choose where you want to access your network, whether it is sitting out on the patio, up in the loft or when working from a spare bedroom or garage.

With a wifi home network, you don’t have to worry about your home décor being ruined by unsightly wires running around your walls. It is not such an issue for a business premises where they may be able to afford to run hard wires under the floors or chased into the walls, but when it comes to drilling holes and laying cables around our homes – that is a very different matter entirely!

A wireless home networking system will free you from the burden of having to have a hard-wired system and allow you to interact with your devices wherever you are in your house. With modern wifi technology, you will also be future-proofing yourself ready for the next advancements in connectivity without having to remove old cabling and having to upgrade to new cabling.

Why should I set up a Home Network?

There are lots of things that having a home network installed will allow you to do. Here are just a few to highlight the many benefits of having a home network:

  • Access and share files and folders across all devices connected to the network
  • Connect to the Internet from multiple computers, game consoles and mobile devices
  • Manage security settings for all networked devices from one place
  • Print from multiple computers, laptops and tablets to a single printer

What equipment do I need for a home network?

To get your home network set up you will need just a few basic things:

  • An internet service subscription
  • A modem
  • A router
  • A computer (or other device to connect to your network)

If you need any help setting up your home network, you can hire the services of a local home network installer who can  be booked at a time convenient to you to come and visit your home. They will check to make sure you have all the right equipment necessary to be able to set up your home network and will make recommendations for any missing essential equipment. They will then be able to quickly hook-up your devices and test the connections to make sure everything is working for you.