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We offer a bespoke home network installation service to our customers across London. With so many advanced smart systems to take advantage of, Home solutions understands the need for our customers to be connected at home 24 hours a day.

Types of home networking

Depending on your home networking needs, there are two main types for you to choose from. Wireless networking and hard wired networking. A wireless network (WLAN) is ideal when you want to share Internet access, printers, files, game consoles and other WiFi-enabled devices and laptops in your home.

A properly working home network will allow you to access all of your devices by the shared network. You should comfortably be able to surf the web without buffering problems or the connection dropping. You can play online games, stream films, TV shows and videos no matter whether you are sitting in the garden or relaxing in your bedroom.

If you suffer from a frequently dropped WiFi signal, interruptions to your broadband service, or you have dead spots in your home where your WiFi signal doesn’t reach, then you need to speak with us about finding a remedy for you.

Hard Wired Networking

Depending on your current network installation, you may need to upgrade or extend your existing hard wired network. This can help with the basic performance and reliability of you internet service and your hard wired system should be much more stable and faster than your wireless network. Most hard wired systems operate at speeds well over 100 times faster than standard wireless networks. They are far more secure too, so it makes sense to have your main home PC hooked up to your hard wire network, especially if you use it for work where you may be uploading or downloading large files.

It is a fact that more advances to wiring technology have been made with hard wired networks, mainly because of heavy business reliance on these systems. However, for home use a hard wire network may be less attractive because installing one does involve drilling holes through walls to add network drops. This can be a concern for a home owner who is worried about their d├ęcor and having unsightly wires on display.

Personalised network installations

Home Solutions realise that both hard wired and wireless networking technologies have a place at home. This is why it is worth having your home network inspected by us to see how we can correctly set it up for you, strengthen and extend your coverage with a mixture of both wired and wireless options, all while causing the minimum of disturbance to your home.

There is no need to worry yourself over all of the technical difficulties of setting up your own home network. You can call on Home Solutions to do all of the hard work for you.

Why not get in touch today to see how we can help. Call or email Chris at Home Solutions for a friendly chat about your home network installations in London.