Upgrading your Home Network?

The reality of family life today is that we are increasingly dependent on our home networks these days because of the amount of equipment and gadgets we connect to them.

Your average cheap combination of a modem and wireless access point that your ISP gave you when you signed up for your broadband package or purchased from your local computer hardware shop isn’t going to cut it when you place heavy demands upon it to provide you and your family members with fast, reliable connectivity all across your house to all your devices.

When you think about it, the majority of family homes still have that one single access point plugged into a single phone socket or cable line. This may have been all we needed 15 to 20 years ago, but these days we have such a wide range of connectible electronic gadgets, it is ridiculous to expect a smooth service and fast speeds.

As your family grows in size and age, you will find it harder to rely on a dodgy wifi signal – especially if you have any teenagers in the house! You can be certain of having your ears chewed off at a regular rate because family members are having trouble streaming Netflix, playing an online massive multiplayer live action game, Skyping friends and trying to do online shopping and banking all at the same time.

Benefits of Home Networking Installation

Whether you are quite technically minded enough yourself to set up your home network, or you would prefer to bring in a professional installer to do the job, the benefits of having your home network properly installed can lead to a lot of positives:

  • No more dead spots
  • No more dodgy speed
  • No more degradation of signal quality
  • No more frequent system reboots

Just these positives alone should be enough to convince you that it is worth having your home network installed and all of your electronic devices connected.

Possible negatives

The downsides of having a home network installation are actually very few. Mostly the biggest issues are only cosmetic. Depending on how much infrastructure you need put into place, the worst thing to expect are a few holes to be drilled into walls (if you are going for a hard-wired system) and a few additional access points on your walls.

Very many households are quite used to putting up with messy wiring behind their TV and home entertainment systems. Some do a good job of hiding exposed wires, some are not bothered by having them on view.

With modern WIFI and Bluetooth enabled electronic equipment, many home owners are much happier to rely on WIFI home networking rather than hard-wired systems. When you think about it, modern families are more reliant on wireless options, especially when you have parents that may work from home full or part time. They use laptops and tablets and multiple devices that need to be completely mobile so they can be taken with them away from home. Their children will also have their own needs for connectivity that places a heavy demand on your home network.

Whether you choose to upgrade your home network system through installing a hard-wired option or you go for a less intrusive WIFI network option, you can see why your family home needs to have a fully functioning network for the ever growing needs of your family.