WiFi installation

We are living in an age where smart homes will be the future. All new-build houses are now being planned out to accommodate buyers needs for broadband and WiFi connectivity. Some of the most common questions coming from prospective new home buyers to housing developers are to do with home networking cabling and access points.

So accustomed are we becoming to relying on smart technology gadgets such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant as well as our smartphone and tablets, that we can no longer imagine a home without them.

At Home Solutions, a top WiFi installer in London, we understand that WiFi plays an integral part of any smart home, right from data sharing and entertainment purposes to home security measures, such as wireless fire alarms, security cameras and smart-locks.

Some people take every opportunity to jump on the latest gadget or app that can help to make their life better or easier, such as ordering food, turning lights on and off while out, controlling your heating – even down to owning a wifi-enabled toaster that will prepare your toast for you while you are taking a shower in the morning, all these wonderful things rely on having a strong, stable and capable home WiFi network set-up.

As smart technology becomes more prevalent in our homes, the need for a good home WiFi network has become more important than ever. There is no denying the appeal and convenience of owning a smart home. This is where Home Solutions can help!

Getting your home hooked up

Many home owners will buy their own smart gadgets and security systems without knowing exactly how to connect them. This is especially concerning with regard to wireless alarms as there are so many ways a DIY installation can go wrong. The last thing you want is for your alarm system to fail you right when you need it most!

Whether you have a new home or you are looking to install a home WiFi network into an older home, it would be a good idea to have a professional local expert take a look for you. We can come out to your home to conduct a survey of your existing home network and talk to you about what you want to want your home WiFi network to do for you.  You can use a wireless network (WLAN) at home to share Internet access, printers, files, tablets, game consoles and other devices among all the computers in your home.

We will make some recommendations about how we can install a new network or upgrade or extend your existing one. We can then do all the legwork for you and hook up all of your smart appliances, ensure that everything is working at maximum efficiency, and make sure that your network is safe and secure. We will pass on to you all of your network passwords and show you how to take care of your home wifi network.

Home Solutions understands the need for you to be connected by WiFi 24/7 at home. Whether you need a WiFi installation for entertainment, home appliances or home security, we can help you!