Wireless Home Networking Equipment

When you are thinking about setting up a home wifi network, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment before you make a start. Lets take a look at the essential equipment you need to successfully set up your home network so you can benefit from a shared connection between your home computer, laptop, tablet devices and other wifi enabled devices in your home.

Why choose wifi networking?

Setting up a wireless network in your home will enable you to access the internet wherever you are in your house without having to go and sit at a wired computer in a certain room. Your wifi devices can connect to the internet from anywhere as long as they are in range of your wifi signal. With wireless networking, you can easily share files, photographs and videos between your devices as well as download and stream video and TV shows and even print out photographs and documents from anywhere in your home.

Lets take a look at a list of networking equipment that you will need before you can connect up your computers and other digital devices.

Wireless Gateway

A Wireless Gateway, also known as a cable modem router, is a device that operates as both a router and a modem. This means that you will only need one device to be able to set up your home network wirelessly.

A wireless gateway will usually come with ports for wired connections to your network. Most will come preset with features that help you set up your wireless network easily and securely. Don’t forget though that you can hire the services of a local home network installation provider to do all the hard work for you if you don’t feel confident in setting up your home network by yourself. As long as you have all the necessary equipment that you need, your network installer will be able to safely hook you up and explain how everything works.


A modem is a device that connects to the Internet through a coaxial cable. This is the same cable that provides your home with TV service to your TV Box. If you do choose to use a modem to access the internet, you will also need to use a router to help set up and complete your wireless network.


A router is a device that is used to transmit a wireless signal for your wifi enabled devices to connect to. Through this device you can hook up your tablets, laptops, games consoles and printers to connect to the internet and with each other through a modem.

Wireless adapter

You may or may not need a wireless adapter. These are devices that will enable any computers or laptops that don’t have wireless capability to be able to connect up with your wireless home network. Usually a wireless adapter comes in the form of a USB or card format that is connected to your laptop computer.

Should you need help with choosing the right equipment to set up your home network, a local installer can also give you the right advice and recommend the best equipment to buy to suit your needs.